Breaking stigma requires open discussions. We create space for communities to engage in transformational conversations.

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Education is fundamental to achieving our goals. We run workshops and masterclasses for individuals and organisations.

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Tailored Support

We provide a wide range of services to support academic institutions, corporations, faith and research organisations, and families.

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We’re raising emotional consciousness to build stigma-free communities

Sana is a Kinyarwanda word derived from the verb ‘Gusana’. Gusana means to rehabilitate, rebuild, restore, or mend someone or something.

Sana also makes up the Kinyarwanda compound noun Isanamitima, and literally translates to an act or process of mending hearts – professionally recognised as counselling.

Universally, Sana is a word that hints to sound living. In Arabic, it’s referred to as resplendence or brilliance; in Portuguese, it’s a word for healthy; in Latin, Sana means sane or whole. The resemblance strengthens our unreserved pursuit of wellbeing, irrespective of where we are in the world. 

Our goal in the long run

Our vision is to build a twenty-first century hub for mental health education and services across Africa.